Our Services


Areas of Expertise

Professional assistance in the preparation of Luxembourg tax returns to be provided to the Luxembourg Tax Authorities, including the following:

  • Corporate income tax return (Form 500)
  • Municipal business tax return (Form 500)
  • Computation of the Unitary Value as at 1 January of each year
  • Computation of the details per shareholding (Form 506a) where applicable
  • Review of tax assessments
  • Recommendation of improvements or savings
  • Correspondence and meetings with the tax authorities
  • Preparing VAT returns
  • Calculating and monitoring of tax provisions

It may take a moment, but the timely monitoring of transactions and Year End situations can avoid tax issues.

  • Identification of income realized from bank deposits and securities
  • Preparation of an individual tax reporting, summarizing the income as per the definitions of the bank customers’ home country rules
  • In-depth knowledge of home country rules (available for certain countries or to be provided by home country advisers)
  • Easy adaptation of reporting to home country rules (approved working method developed over several years).
  • Tax reporting
  • Analysis of individual tax situation
  • Identification of cross-border solutions to reduce exposure to direct or indirect taxes
  • Tax and estate planning with Luxembourg corporate vehicles
  • We work as stand-alone advisers or in close collaboration with other advisers (national / international).

The understanding of a client’s needs is the first step to appropriate advice.

We do not just apply tax laws, we develop individually adapted concepts. Creativity and a combination of know-how and ideas means innovation. Innovation in turn creates added value for our clients.

  • Mandate as statutory Auditor / Commissaire aux Comptes according to Article 61 of the Luxembourg Law on Commercial Companies
  • Supervision and control over all the operations of the company
  • Report to the general meeting on the results of the mandate


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